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About Us

PayToo® is a brand of PayToo Corp., a US organization founded in 1999. Since 2004, PayToo® has offered mobile phone solutions, VoIP, prepaid cards, and secured e-commerce payment transaction solutions. In 2009 and after five years of development, PayToo® launched the first mobile solution to combine telecommunications and payments into single account.  This global platform is called the PayToo Mobile Wallet®   

Paytoo Headquarter in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Today, PayToo has expanded its line of products and revolutionized the way to communicate through its mobile wallet. With PayToo Mobile Wallet®, customers use their available balance to make or receive calls, make payments, transfer credit, or securely withdraw money.  Our solutions are used securely in more than 50 countries worldwide and in real time.

Responding to market demands, PayToo offers a unique and unparalleled service through a reliable technology platform and a solid business model.  By offering a full range of services to mobile users worldwide, PayToo® has become a key player in the telecommunications and financial services sectors.

By merging these two sectors, PayToo® offers a variety of payment tools using a mobile phone in a single interface. Services range from disbursing employee salaries to purchasing an item using a contact-less payment feature or a barcode. The mobile wallet application is a proven advantage to daily operations and organizations. Whether traditional or e-commerce, merchants and entrepreneurs can benefit from PayToo Mobile Wallet as well.  The system provides a fool-proof disbursement method that is instantaneous, convenient, and economical. Merchants can be paid via multiple channels including a plastic (magnetic card), barcode, contact-less, and/or secured SMS payment.

PayToo Mobile and the Revolution of Mobile Payments

PayToo is first to offer an e-Wallet with universal mobile capabilities.  This marks another milestone in the telecommunications and mobile payment industries. The end user has now access to international money transfers from a simple piece of equipment, a mobile phone.  PayToo Mobile provides a low-cost, high quality telecommunications service that enables payments and transfers anytime, anywhere. 

PayToo Mobile Wallet also offers no connection fees and/or binding contracts. PayToo was selected as the 2011 winner of the Money Transfer Award for the Americas by the International Association of Money Transfer Network.

PayToo is the first mobile payment solution to offer credit repair assistance through a unique and secure mobile wallet account.