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  • Meet Paytoo
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  • It’s more than just a Wallet!

    Easier, faster and not as costly as a bank account

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  • What is a Mobile Wallet?
    Mo•bile Wal•let
    [moh-buh l wol-it]
    No bank account, no problem.
    A virtual wallet that allows you to securely store and spend your money
    whenever, however and wherever you need without having a bank account.
  • What can I do with my
    Mobile Wallet?
    • Share funds with anyone for FREE
    • Top-Up friends and family Prepaid Cellphones
    • Directly Deposit your Paycheck into your Wallet*
    • Create Instant Virtual Prepaid Cards
    • Purchase your favorite brands with an instant Gift Card
    • Pay Bills Instantly*
    • And More!

    *Only Available in US

  • Where Can I Use my Mobile Wallet?

Now available on Apple Store and Google Play

Free Payroll Deposit

Set up your Direct Deposit TODAY. Say Goodbye to traditional bank charges and high check-cashing fees.

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Bill Payments

Skip the long lines and forget the stamps. Pay your bills anytime from anywhere with PayToo.

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Virtual Prepaid Cards

Just seconds to create your virtual Prepaid card for the amount you need. Cool for online shopping or college kids.

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Mobile Gift Cards

Create instant Gift Cards and Shop for your favorite Brands online, from your Mobile. You can Text them as a gift to anyone.

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Top Up Cell Phones

Now you can recharge Cell phones from 250 Operators in over 85 countries with the push of a button.

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Become an Affiliate

Be part of our success, and promote PayToo services to your network and generate income!.

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